After cycling, now the sailing coach is accused of harassing the female player, SAI seeks report from the association

Allegations against Sailing Coach, big action can be taken!

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After the sexual harassment case of a female cyclist, now the Sailing Coach has been facing serious allegations. SAI has summoned a report from the Yachting Association of India in the matter.

a recent female cyclist After accusing her coach of sexual harassment, now a national level female seller has accused the coach of the team of making her feel uncomfortable during her trip to Germany. According to information received from a source, the complainant approached the Yachting Association of India (YAI) several times in this matter but when he did not get any reply, he sought the intervention of the Sports Authority of India (SAI) last night. SAI has now sought a report from the association by the end of the day, asking whether the seller had contacted them earlier, and if so, why the matter was not taken seriously.

A SAI source told PTI, ‘SAI has received a complaint from a lady seller that a coach was making her feel uncomfortable during her tour of Germany. The seller claimed that he had approached the association earlier in the matter, but after getting no response, he approached the SAI. He said, ‘SAI has sought a report from the Yachting Association of India on this serious matter. The camp was proposed and organized by YAI and funded by SAI through ACTC. The coach on whom the player has leveled the allegation was appointed by the association and was included in the team as per their proposal.

Big allegation on the coach of the Indian Navy team

The SAI has also contacted the athlete, who claimed that mental pressure was being created by the coach during practice. Seller has not spoken of any sexual harassment on the part of the coach. The coach in question is a three-time Olympian and is also the coach of the Indian Navy team.

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