After listening to MS Dhoni, the player became a hero, earned a ‘wicket of 24 crores’ in the team’s victory!

Advice from Dhoni came in handy for Mukesh Chowdhary

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That player implemented every single thing said by Dhoni, in return for which he also earned a wicket of about 24 crores and also won the team. He disclosed the advice he got from Dhoni after the match.

MS Dhoni (MS Dhoni), Even though the age is on the doorstep of forty. But even today, his eyes, which test the diamond, have not dimmed. And, it has rarely happened that what he said did not happen. To understand this understanding of Dhoni, there is no need to go back much. IPL 2022 (IPL 2022) Let’s talk about the same, where he made a player a hero with his advice. That player implemented each and every thing said by Dhoni, in return for which he also earned a wicket of about 24 crores and got the team victory. Now you must be thinking about that player. Then you will also think that what does a wicket of Rs 24 crore look like? So to answer both these questions, CSK vs SRH on the evening of 1st May in IPL 2022 (CSK vs SRH) It is important to take into account the comparison of

In the match played on the evening of May 1, 2022, Chennai defeated Hyderabad by 13 runs. Playing first, Chennai Super Kings scored 202 runs for 2 wickets in 20 overs. In reply, Sunrisers Hyderabad could only manage 189 runs for 7 wickets. Well this is a matter of competition. Now let’s also talk about the player who became the hero in this victory of Chennai, who earned a wicket of 24 crores by following Dhoni’s words.

Mukesh Chaudhary took 4 wickets in 4 overs

The name of the player who raised the flag of victory of Chennai Super Kings by listening to Dhoni is Mukesh Chaudhary. 25-year-old Chaudhary is a left-arm fast bowler and in Chennai’s victory, he has taken 4 wickets for 46 runs in 4 overs. Now these four wickets are fine but how about 24 crores of wickets? And then what did Dhoni say to Mukesh Chaudhary after all?

IPL price of 4 batsmen = Rs 24 crores!

Actually, CSK bowler Mukesh Chaudhary has taken the wickets of four Sunrisers batsmen, the total cost of IPL auction for them is 23 lakh 95 thousand i.e. a fat of 24 lakh rupees. Mukesh Chaudhary took the first wicket of Abhishek Sharma, who was bought by SRH for Rs 6.50 crore. He took the second wicket of Rahul Tripathi, whose price is 8 and a half crores. Shashank Singh became the third victim Mukesh Chaudhary, who got 20 lakh rupees in the auction of IPL 2022. At the same time, the fourth wicket was taken by the Chennai bowler Washington Sundar, who was bought by SRH for Rs 8.75 crore.

Dhoni’s words made him a hero

Now the matter arises that what did Dhoni say to Mukesh Chaudhary that he took 4 wickets against Sunrisers and also became the hero of victory. So Dhoni didn’t say much to Mukesh Chaudhary that, “The runs are many, so keep the ball in line and don’t do no ball.” Just what was it then Mukesh Chaudhary made it the mantra of his bowling. And its effect was also visible.

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Mukesh Chaudhary did not bowl a single ball no ball in the bowling of 4 overs. Hit the ball but managed to take the wicket. He bowled 9 balls dot during his bowling.