After the big defeat, the mountain of troubles broke on Bangalore, how will RCB make it to the playoffs of IPL 2022? know maths

How will Bangalore reach the IPL 2022 playoffs?

In the 60th match of IPL 2022, Punjab defeated Royal Challengers Bangalore by 54 runs. After this defeat, the path of RCB to reach the playoffs has become more difficult.

Where Royal Challengers Bangalore team best cricket game easily IPL 2022 Was seen reaching the playoffs and where now this team has to roll papad for qualification. The humiliating 54-run defeat against Punjab has made Bangalore’s path to the playoffs difficult. This defeat has not only spoiled Bangalore’s net run-rate, but on the other hand, it is now a do or die match for him. Not only this, victory alone will not qualify RCB. Now RCB to reach the playoffs (RCB Playoff Scenario) Will have to depend on the results of other teams as well.

How can Bangalore team reach the playoffs? Has the Bangalore team been at increased risk of being out of the IPL? These are some such questions which will be in the mind of RCB fans. By the way, let us tell you that the troubles of this team have increased and now 2 teams can spoil its game.

The maths for reaching the playoffs for RCB

If RCB had defeated Punjab and then defeated Gujarat Titans in the subsequent match, then it was sure to stay in the top 4 but the defeat against Punjab has spoiled its game. Now this team will have to win against Gujarat Titans at any cost. If RCB wins their last league match, then they will have to pray for Delhi, Punjab and Hyderabad to lose at least one match. Because if any of these three reach 16 points then their net run rate is better than RCB.

One defeat ruined RCB’s game

If RCB loses even their last league match, then RCB will have to pray that no team reaches more than 14 points. At present Rajasthan has 14 points. He has two matches left. A win will take her to 16 and due to good net run rate, she will reach the playoffs. Whereas Punjab and Delhi have 12 points each. Both have to win their remaining two matches to reach 16. Hyderabad have 10 points and have three matches left. Meaning this team can also reach 16. It is clear that RCB will have to win their last match, that too the margin of victory should be big. So that if the net runrate has to be seen, then it can go to the playoffs.