‘Age 40’s game 20’, featured in CWG, credits given to APJ Abdul Kalam

India’s table tennis player Achant Sharath Kamal is the player to win the most medals in the Commonwealth Games.

Achanta Sharath Kamal is in the Commonwealth Games (PTI Photo)

Commonwealth Games table tennis players held in Birmingham Achanta Sharath Kamal Was very special for This veteran player won three medals this time. He won gold medal in mixed doubles event and singles category, while he also won gold in men’s team event. Sharath completed his gold hat-trick at the age of 40. Before these games, it was being said that Sharat should now take retirement, but at the age of 40, he did wonders by showing 20 games.

Sharat is showing the game of the age of 20 at the age of 40

Sharat was recently asked in an interview whether at the age of 40, how does he feel after getting such a victory. Responding to the Times of India, he said, ‘I think people are talking too much about my age. I don’t understand why this is so. Do I make you look 40 when I play? You must have seen how I am screaming like a lunatic, celebrating. I am glad that I am able to play like this even at this age.

Abdul Kalam Azad’s influence

Sharat also told here that former President Abdul Kalam Azad has a lot of influence in his life. He told that how important peace of mind is, it was known to him by reading Abdul Kalam Azad’s book. This helped him a lot in his career as well. At the same time, he also told how he got a chance to improve his game by going to Europe. Sharath believes that he does not regret not getting a singles medal at the Olympics or the Asian Games as it is also a big deal for him to reach this position from the place he comes from.

Sharath’s excellent record in CWG

Sharath has won a total of 13 medals in the Commonwealth Games. Seven gold are also included in these 13 medals. Apart from three golds in Birmingham, Sharath won gold in singles and men’s team events in 2006, gold in men’s doubles in 2010 and gold in men’s team event in 2018. Apart from this, he has won two bronze in 2010, one silver each in 2014 and 2018 and one silver in 2022. Sharath has won a total of 13 medals in the Commonwealth Games.