‘AI’ can bring destruction like nuclear war before 2030, expert warns, know what he said

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has changed the world. It is being used in every field from everyday life. Although many experts fear that it may also bring ruin. More than a third of AI researchers worldwide say that the ‘wrong’ decisions taken by artificial intelligence systems could lead to a ‘nuclear war’-like catastrophe in this century. A survey of AI experts conducted by Julian Michael at New York University’s Center for Data Science showed that AI could trigger a major disaster before 2030. This is what 36% AI experts believe.

Daily Star Key Report According to, AI has made its way from our homes to cars. Amazon Alexa or our smartphone. Drones or partially or fully built self-driving cars. These are all AI powered. Google is working on an AI assistant who can make phone calls on your behalf. It can have the ability to talk in your style.

In addition, AI is being used in state-of-the-art military systems. A senior US military expert has warned that drones with AI-controlled weapons will be able to strike their targets very soon. They will be so fast and advanced that humans will not be able to fight them. General John Murray, the head of the US Army Futures Command, said that a swarm of such drones equipped with AI will allow humans to stand in front of them, I do not expect it.

But what if this system starts functioning incorrectly. In this situation, even an AI based phone call can lead to wrong results. Expert Nina Schick told the Daily Star that in the wars that will be fought in the coming times, the role of ships, planes and tanks will be there, but more will be driven by AI. In October 2018, Zeng Yi, a senior executive at the Chinese defense firm Norinco, said that “humans will not fight on the battlefields of the future” and that lethal autonomous weapons will be used in the war. That is, the coming wars will be AI operated. However, there is concern about how deadly its consequences can be. Astronomer Royal Lord Rees has even warned that this could be mankind’s ‘last century on Earth’. He says that in the next millennium, mankind will be replaced by artificial intelligent super-robots.



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