AI Life Guard Robots Now Save Lives on Goa Beaches Drishti Marine Aurus Triton Artificial Intelligence System Details

State-appointed life guard organization Drishti Marine in Goa recently introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the form of a self-driving robot Aurus and an AI-powered monitoring system Triton to enhance its life-saving capabilities. Did. They will now work to save lives in the middle of Goa. It is often seen that people’s lives are in danger on the beach, to save which life guards are present there, but due to the large area, many life guards have to face problems. . Now, Drishti Marine claims that these AI-powered robots will act as an additional layer of security.

Mint’s AccordingDrishti Marine’s Aurus robot will do everything from patrolling to providing multilingual notifications in emergency situations. In addition, the AI ​​bot can carry a payload of 100 kg, so it can also be used as a logistic support vehicle. In addition, it has also been reported that Auras has completed 110 hours of autonomous work while traveling a distance of about 130 kilometers along the coast.

Reports suggest that there has been an increase in beach related incidents in Goa in the recent past. It is reported that in the past two years, the coastal region has witnessed over 1,000 rescue incidents. However, these are expected to decline now, as both the robots are equipped with AI-monitoring camera-based systems capable of monitoring, assessing and detecting risks, real-time with on-duty life guards Can share information.

Together with Aurus, the main function of the Triton AI system will be to provide fully AI-based monitoring of non-swim zones, alerting tourists to danger and notifying the nearest lifesaver. It will work closely with Aurus to provide comprehensive coverage of beaches. This will help life guards to identify tourists entering the water during high tide and in danger zones.