Air has become lethal in India, due to air pollution in big cities, millions of people die at a young age – claim in study

Millions of people die in India due to air pollution

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It concluded that in the rapidly growing tropical cities, in 14 years, about 180,000 people died due to increased air pollution, which could have been avoided.

Britain (BritainIn a recent study, it has been revealed that the cases of early death due to air pollution in India’s big cities are increasing rapidly and in the last few years this number has been up to one lakh. University of Birmingham and University College London (UCLThe study, led by the researchers, was published last week in Science Advances. It has been concluded that about 180,000 people died in 14 years in rapidly growing tropical cities. air pollution ,Air Pollution) that could have been saved.

There was a tendency to increase the number of deaths due to air pollution in the cities of South Asia, and Dhaka, Bangladesh had the highest number of such cases, which numbered 24 thousand. With this, there have been a total of one lakh such cases in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai, Surat, Pune and Ahmedabad of India.

Leading researcher Dr. Karn Vohra said, “Open burning of bio-fuels to clear land and dispose of agricultural stubble has been a major reason for the rapid increase in air pollution in tropical regions in the past.” “Our analysis says that we are entering a new era of air pollution in these cities and the situation in some cities is getting worse in a year than it gets worse in a decade in other cities,” he said.

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