Air India crew will become smart, boys will apply hair gel, girls will keep these things in mind

Winds of change have been blowing in Air India ever since it was taken over by Tata Group. After first focusing on the food of the passengers, then the fitness of the crew-members, now the company is focusing on the smartness of its on-board crew-members.

Air India’s cabin crew will become smart

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Tata Group (Tata Group) Company Air India after coming into the hands of (Air India) Is engaged in giving a modern identity to This first airline of the country, which was once molded in the tone of government ‘Chalta Hai’, is going through a phase of continuous change. The Tata group is making every effort to return the airlines to its former glory.

Earlier, the company changed the food menu keeping in mind the convenience of the passengers. At the same time, from the pilots to the fitness of the crew members, complete work was also done on the dress attire. Now the company has also started preparations to make the on-board staff smart.

Boys will apply hair gel

According to the news of ET, Tata Group has issued new guidelines for all its crew-members on Thursday. This is related to his grooming. In this 40-page circular, the grooming requirements for the crew members have been mentioned.

According to this circular, all the boys involved in the staff of the airlines will have to groom their hair by applying gel. While the hair cutting will have to be kept short in which there will have to be no hair on the side. While girls have to apply foundation and concealer matching their skin tone.

Will have to stay in suit-boots the whole time

It has also been said in the circular that the boys will have to wear the black jacket of the uniform throughout the flight. This rule will be applicable for all staff members helping in boarding, service and getting off the plane.

It will be forbidden to put personal tie-pin on the uniform. If the tie-pin is not issued, then the tie has to be worn without it. Not only this, boys will have to wear black colored long socks.

Not only this, the company has also asked the staff members to shave daily. At the same time, white hair will not work for anyone. Hair has to be colored according to its natural color. Mehndi or colored hair will not work.

At the same time, Sikh staff will be allowed to wear Kada. While the rest of the staff will be able to wear only one wedding ring.

Dress code for girls too

Air India has also implemented dress code for girls. His apron or black blazer uniform has been discontinued. Instead, it has been made mandatory to wear socks with saree or western dress.

At the same time, they will also have to wear the black cardigan issued by the company. This will be mandatory for winter only. Apart from this, you will also have to take care of your makeup i.e. from eyeshadow to lipstick, nailpen and hair shade cards will all have to be kept according to the uniform.

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English Headline : Air India crew members have to follow new uniform code hair gel for men foundation for women make mandatory