Air India gave a gift to the air travelers, once the date of travel can be changed for free

Air India has given the facility of one time change of date or flight number for all domestic flights free of cost in view of the uncertainties due to rising Kovid-19 cases in India.

The airline industry has come under immense pressure with the massive increase in the number of Covid cases.

Air India going from government to private (Air India) has given great relief to air travelers in the Corona crisis. Air India reports rising Kovid-19 cases in India (COVID-19 CasesAll domestic flights (Domestic Flights) for making one time change in date or flight number free of cost. Air India has given this information by tweeting. Now Air India passengers can change their journey due to Corona. Passengers will not have to suffer due to this new facility of the airline. In a tweet, Air India said that domestic passengers can change the date or flight number with confirmed travel on or before March 31, 2022.

Air India said in the tweet, “Keeping in view the recent uncertainties due to the rise in Kovid cases, Air India for change of date or flight number for all domestic tickets (098) with confirmed travel on or before 31.03.22 ‘𝐎𝐍𝐄 ‘ is offering.

Airline industry under pressure

Let us tell you that with the huge increase in the cases of Kovid, the airline industry has come under immense pressure. IndiGo, India’s largest airline in terms of market share, said that it will cut its capacity by 20 percent due to the ongoing wave of the Kovid-19 epidemic.

The flight will be canceled and customers will be shifted to the next flight at least 72 hours before the start of the journey. Their travel can also be changed under Plan B. Information about Plan B will be given on IndiGo’s website.

Indigo gave this relief to the customers

In view of the increasing cases of Kovid, the company will not charge any ‘change fee’ from the passengers till 31 January. If the passengers want, according to their need, they will be able to take tickets in any other flight till January 31 with the same money. No change fee will be charged for this.

IndiGo, which has a fleet of over 275 aircraft, operated around 1,500 flights daily in December. The airline’s domestic market share was 54.3% in November.

SpiceJet also made this announcement

Low cost airline SpiceJet has also waived change fees till January 31. Passengers who are changing their travel plans due to Corona, can take tickets for any other date in any other flight till January 31. For taking the desired seat, the passengers will be given a discount of up to 25 percent in the charge.

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