Air India pilots warn, aircraft will not fly until vaccine is installed

Vaccination is extremely important, given the severity of the corona epidemic. Due to this, Air India’s Pilot Association ICPA has given a stern warning. According to the pilot union, unless all employees, especially the flying crew, do not have the corona vaccine, they will not fly the aircraft. For this, the pilot association, Air India, Director of Operations, R.S. Sent a letter to Sandhu.

It reads, “Flying Crews have no healthcare support, no insurance, and large scale salaries of employees are being cut. In such a situation, we cannot put our pilots’ lives in danger without vaccination. “

Referring to the problems faced by the pilots and crew, the Sangh said, “Our financial condition has already deteriorated. Despite this, we are making provision to give coverage to our colleagues and their families. Because by going to our work there is a danger of inadvertently reaching the virus to the family. “

Pilots will not work if vaccination fails

According to the ICPA, if Air India fails to set up a vaccination camp for flying crews over the age of 18 on priority, then we will stop work. At the moment many crew members have been found to be Kovid positive and are struggling to get oxygen cylinders.

Expressing anger over not getting support from Air India

The pilot union is very angry over the non-cooperation of the employees from the Air India Company. He says, “We are left to hospitalize ourselves. There is no help from the management. Only a circular is issued. There is no solution to this. We are risking our lives for the good of the citizens during this epidemic, but in return for our sacrifice our salary is being deducted. “

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