Air India will become the new ‘Maharaja’ of the sky, now the empire will be so big

Air India and Vistara are going to merge. While AirAsia India, another airlines of Tata Group, is also going to join Air India Express. Let us know how big the empire of Air India will become after this.

The empire is going to get bigger after Air India’s merger with Vistara

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Air India is also often called as ‘Maharaja’. Now this company is going to become the ‘New King of the Sky’ in true sense. The reason for this where its merger with Vistara has been decided. At the same time, Tata Sons has also made plans to merge its low-fare airlines AirAsia India with Air India Express. That is, in total, these four companies will be recognized only by a big brand name of Air India.

Air India’s fleet will be so big

With the acquisition of Air India, Tata Sons also got 100 percent stake in Air India Express. At present Air India has a fleet of 128 aircraft. Whereas Air India Express has 25 aircraft. In this way, Air India’s own fleet size is only 153 aircraft.

Now if the fleet of two other airlines of Tata group is added to this, then Vistara has 54 aircraft. Whereas AirAsia India has 28 aircraft. That is, both Tata’s airlines have a total of 82 aircraft.

In this way, after the merger of all the companies, Air India will have a total fleet of 235 aircraft. This includes the company’s own or leased aircraft. Not only this, it includes everything from wide body planes used in international flights to narrow-body planes used for low-fare air travel.

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English Headline: After merger with Vistara, Air India will become Maharajah of airlines in India an aviation giant.