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Airtel cheap data plan, price starts at Rs 48

Covid-19 vaccination may have begun, but the corona virus has still not wreaked havoc. Because of this, most people are still doing Work From Home. In such a situation, more and more data has become their need. Realizing this need of people, many telecom companies have introduced extra data packs, in which more and more data is provided to the users. Today in this article we are going to give information about the data packs of Airtel, in which you are provided with an additional 50GB of data. The special thing is that this plan has been introduced at very cheap prices, whose price starts from Rs 49 and goes up to Rs 401. The cheapest and most expensive of these plans come with validity.

Cheapest data from Airtel Plan 48 rupees. In this plan, users are provided with 3GB of data. As we said, the cheapest and expensive data packs of Airtel have been introduced with validity. In this pack of 48 rupees, you get validity of up to 28 days. This means that you do not need to have any other pack to use the data pack.

Airtel’s other data The pack The price is 78 rupees, in which you get 5GB of data. However, the validity of this plan will depend on the current active plan i.e. if your existing pack comes with a validity of 84 days, which you can use the data plan within this validity. Company third data The pack It comes at Rs 89, in which users get 6GB of data based on the validity of the existing pack. next The pack 98 rupees, which includes 12GB of data. The validity of this plan also depends on the existing pack.

Airtel also has a data of Rs 131 The pack Brings you only 100MB of data. But in this plan you get a free Amazon Prime subscription for 30 days, which costs Rs 129 per month. If you have to recharge data for online streaming, then you can also take advantage of this plan.

After this data of Rs 248 Plan In which you get 25GB of data, the validity of this plan also depends on the current active plan.

251 data of Rs. Recharge In you are given 50GB of data. At the same time, 30GB data is provided with a validity of 28 days in a recharge pack of Rs 401. this The pack Receives a Disney + Hotstar VIP subscription for up to 1 year with.<!–


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