Airtel launches 4 cheap prepaid plans, great benefits of data and calling with a validity of 30 days for just Rs 109

The country’s popular telecom company Airtel has included 4 new prepaid plans in its portfolio. The prepaid plans launched by Airtel have two rate-cutting plans and two smart recharge plans, two with a validity of two calendar months and two with a validity of 30 days. The price of all these plans is within Rs 140. Whereas the lowest price is Rs 109 and the highest is Rs 131. If you want those plans that get long validity without spending much, then these plans can prove to be the best for you. The Rs 109 and Rs 111 plans offer more validity and mobile data than the Rs 99 plan. Let us know in detail about these Airtel plans. Let’s take a look at 4 newly launched prepaid plans of Airtel.

Airtel’s Rs 109 plan: 30 days validity is given in Airtel’s Rs 109 plan. Talking about the data, 200MB of data is given in it. At the same time, the charge for additional data is 50 paise / MB. Talking about voice calling, talk-time of Rs 99 is given in this. During this time, the charge for local, STD and landline voice calls will be 2.5 paise per second. Talking about SMS, there will be a charge of Re 1 per local SMS and Rs 1.44 per STD SMS.

Airtel’s Rs 111 plan: In Airtel’s Rs 111 plan, talk time of Rs 99 is available. Talking about the data, 200MB of data is given. Talking about the validity, it lasts for 1 month. For voice calling, the charge for local-STD and landline calls is Rs 2.5 per second. SMS charge is Rs 1 for local SMS and Rs 1.5 per SMS for STD SMS.

Airtel’s Rs 128 plan: The validity of 30 days is available in Airtel’s Rs 128 plan. Local and STD calls are charged Rs 2.5 per second for voice calling. At the same time, the national video call charge is Rs 5 per second. The charge for data usage is Rs 0.50/MB.

Airtel 131 rupees plan: In Airtel’s Rs 131 plan, customers will have to pay Rs 2.5 per second for local and STD calls. This plan lasts for one month for validity. SMS charges are Rs 1 for local SMS and Rs 1.5 per SMS for STD. The data charge is Rs 0.50 per MB.


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