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Airtel’s cheapest 365-day prepaid plan with data and unlimited calling, know price

Airtel, Jio and Vi all telecom companies, realizing the need of internet during Corona wireless, have introduced the least priced and maximum validity data plan for their users. Today we are going to tell you about one such pack of Airtel, in which you will get the validity of the year. It is the cheapest prepaid plan of Airtel, which comes with a validity of up to 365 days. The special thing is that not only the data but benefits like calling and SMS are also included in this plan. Let’s know what is the cost of this plan and how much data and calling and SMS benefit you will get under this plan.

Airtel’s Plan The price of Rs 1,498 is, as we said, in this plan you get full 1 year validity. That is, for Rs 1,498, you can use the benefit available under this plan for 365 days. If you talk about the benefits available under the plan, then you will get 24GB data in total. Apart from this, unlimited calling and 3600 SMS are available free in this plan.

Talking about other benefits, it will get Airtel Extreme Premium, Free Online Course, Cashback of Rs 100 on FASTag, Mobile Edition Free Trial, Free Halotune, Free Wink Music etc.

Conversely if Jio Recharge Speaking of, a total of 24GB data is available for Rs 1,299, although its validity is only up to 336 days. This includes unlimited calling and 3600 SMS. This of vi Plan Only 1 rupee more than Airtel, in which you get 24GB Data ++ 3600 SMS + Unlimited Calling Benefit for Rs 1,499. This plan also comes with a validity of 365 days.<!–


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