Akanksha Dubey’s death revealed in postmortem report, police engaged in search of boyfriend Samar Singh

Akanksha Dubey: The post-mortem report of Bhojpuri actress Akanksha Dubey has come out in which no marks of any kind of injury have been found on the body. The police is considering it as a suicide, but in this case Akanksha’s boyfriend Samar Singh may be arrested.

Akanksha Dubey

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Akanksha Dubey Post Mortem Report: Akanksha Dubey A big update related to the death has come to the fore. It has been revealed in the post-mortem report that Akanksha died due to hanging from the fan. police Commissioner Santosh Singh Told that the death of Akanksha has been confirmed due to hanging in the post mortem report. Although the family members of Akanksha are still not accepting the matter of suicide. Akanksha’s mother says that she has been forced to commit suicide.

Akanksha’s death was revealed in the post mortem report

Actually, Akanksha had committed suicide by hanging herself in a hotel in Varanasi. The police had sent the dead body for the stommortem. Now the post-mortem report has revealed that there are no injury marks on Akanksha’s body and she died due to hanging.

Akanksha and Samar were in live-in

However, in this case the police is looking for Akanksha’s boyfriend Samar Singh. Akanksha and Samar Singh were in a live-in relationship and both lived together in Varanasi. The police suspect that somewhere there might have been some quarrel between Akanksha and Samar Singh, due to which the actress might have taken this step. The police is further investigating in this matter as well as searching for the arrest of Samar Singh and his brother Sanjay Singh.

Police say that when Akanksha reached to attend the party on the night of the incident, Samar Singh was also present with her. The police suspect Sanjay Singh and Samar Singh, who are being searched. However, no information has been received about the person who had come to drop Akanksha at the hotel on the night of the suicide. That person was present in the room with Akanksha for 17 minutes.

Mother accused Samar Singh

After Akanksha’s death, her mother Madhu Dubey called it a well-planned conspiracy and murder. He refused to consider it a suicide. Akanksha’s mother has accused Bhojpuri singer and Akanksha’s boyfriend Samar Singh and her brother Sanjay Singh of the murder. The police is looking for both.