Akshara Singh: After becoming the highest paid actress of Bhojpuri films, Akshara Singh spoke about the controversy with Pawan Singh, said- many times I was jealous..

Akshara Singh

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Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh’s first film name was ‘Pran Jai Par Vachan Na Jaye’ which came in the year 2011. Apart from this, he worked in the TV show “Kala Teeka” in the year 2015.

Actress who traveled from Bhojpuri films to TV industry Akshara Singh ,Akshara SinghToday, there is no need for any identity, now a highest paid actress has become. But during his wonderful journey, Bhojpuri actor Pawan Singh (Pawan SinghAkshara considers the controversy related to ) to be a very bad phase of her life. Because Akshara believes that when she raised her voice against the Bhojpuri star, she had to fight her battle alone without any support. Although he did not give up.

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remembered my bad times

Recalling those days, Akshara has said in an interview given to a news web site that “I had neither any other way nor any support except to fight my own battle. However, with the support of my parents and the blessings of God, I have been able to reach here. During this, Akshara says that because of not spoiling my relationship with that actor, I was fired from work, I was humiliated by people, questions were thrown on my character. Many films were also snatched from me.” Even today Akshara is targeted but she is still flooding ahead.

Akshara Singh has struggled a lot to reach here

It is a matter of great pride to achieve such a big position after a difficult life. After becoming her highest paid actress, Akshara Singh says that it is a matter of happiness for me that I have reached this far and this achievement of mine is dedicated to all Bhojpuri actresses who work hard and have the power to move forward.

Actor and actress work hard but there is a difference in fees

On one hand both the actors and actresses work equally hard for the film but still there is a difference in their salary. Akshara says that it will take time to recover all this. Referring to the first salary she earned from her film, Akshara said that, in the year 2011, she got an amount of 2.5 lakh rupees for her first film, she says that “Now I am completing 12 years in the industry, a decade. It has passed, during all this I have suffered a lot, I have been out of films because of fees, I was harassed by replacing me in films overnight, I believe that all the actresses from Bhojpuri industry, these My struggle has been the biggest of all.”

Many things had to happen out of the film

Recalling the days of her struggle, Akshara said- It happened many times that the actress of the film said that “If Akshara remains, I will not work, she will take advantage of acquaintance with the producer and director or help her actor boyfriend.” Used to get me out of films, used to feel bad at that time but now I don’t think about all of them. I help girls now and know that it is very difficult to survive in this industry.”

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