Al Qaeda may target America from Afghanistan within two years, US intelligence officials warn

With the return of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the threat of terrorist attacks on America has also returned. If America’s top intelligence officials are to be believed, then within the next year or two years, Al Qaeda can attack America from the ground of Afghanistan.

In an intelligence conference held on Tuesday, Lieutenant General Scott Barrier, the director of America’s Defense Intelligence Agency, has mentioned the big threat to America. He has said, ‘We estimate that within one to two years, Al Qaeda will be somewhat capable. At least it will be powerful enough to pose a threat to America.

Al Qaeda begins to strengthen in Afghanistan

He said that at the moment America is looking for ways so that it can return to Afghanistan again. If the barrier is to be believed, the US authorities are speeding up their efforts and further efforts will continue to reach Afghanistan. CIA Director David Cohen has said that US intelligence agencies are already monitoring the activities of Al Qaeda, which is beginning to strengthen again in Afghanistan. He has also expressed the apprehension of a big threat to America within two years.

Al Qaeda will take advantage of Taliban withdrawal

In addition to Cohen and Barrier, several top US defense officials have emphasized that with the Taliban’s withdrawal in Afghanistan, the US will have to plan ahead of its thinking. America will have to see what is going on inside Afghanistan and also take action against the terrorists. He has also supported drone strikes for this.

America’s Director General of National Intelligence Avril Hines has said that the biggest threat to America is from terrorists who are coming from Afghanistan as well as Yemen, Somalia, Syria and Iraq. He acknowledged that now America’s priorities have changed and after two decades there is a need to set priorities once again.

Al Zawahiri appeared

Let us tell you that on the 20th anniversary of 9/11, the latest video of Al Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri has surfaced. This is the same Zawahiri whom America and the whole world had accepted as dead. The news of Zawahiri’s death came in December last year. Then it was said that he was very ill and due to this he died.

Zawahiri’s new video was informed by the American Organization Site (SITE) Intelligence Group, which monitors the online activities of terrorist organizations. It has been said that Zawahiri has spoken on many issues in his video. The site’s director Rita Cage said on social media – Many news had been heard about Zawahiri’s death. He has appeared in the new video of 60 minutes. Now we have proof that he is alive.

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