Alert! Today is the last chance to file income tax returns, till now 5 crore ITR filings have been done

Income Tax Return: Today is the last chance to file Income Tax Return. If this work is not completed today, then there will be a chance to file the return till December 31 with late fee.

Today is the last date to file returns.

today sunday means holiday and income tax return ,Income Tax Return) is the last day to fill up. If the return is not filed today for the financial year 2021-22, then you will suffer many losses. Doing the same thing from tomorrow will attract a fine of up to Rs 5000. Despite the constant demand of taxpayers and tax consultants, the government has refused to extend its deadline. So far more than 5 crore returns have been filed.

Under Section 234A of the Income Tax Act, ITR filing can be done till December 31, 2022 with late fee if the return is not filed today. Talking about the fine for filing return from August 1, if the net taxable income of the taxpayer is less than 5 lakhs, then this amount will be Rs 1000. If the net taxable income is more than 5 lakhs, then the amount of penalty will be Rs 5000.

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Revised return will not be available

Talking about belated returns, the biggest disadvantage is that there will be no opportunity to file a revised return. In such a situation, if there is any mistake during the filing of tax, then the revised return cannot be filed and the notice of the Income Tax Department will have to be waited.