Alia and Bipasha’s fans did not like wearing heels during pregnancy, gave this advice

Alia Bhatt and Bipasha Basu are going to become mothers for the first time. She is very excited about her upcoming child. Although recently both of them are being trolled on social media.

Alia Bhatt

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Talking about Bollywood celebrities, their life has always been a topic of discussion for the fans. What they wear, what they eat, the stories they are getting married, everyone is curious about these things. However, in the last few years, not only the fans but also the social media users keep an eye on these things and many times these faces of the entertainment industry are targeted by the trollers even for their small talk. Recently Bollywood actress Bipasha Basu and Alia Bhatt But the trollers have targeted.

Recently, Bipasha Basu recently attended the birthday party of her special friend and actor Ayaz Khan along with husband Karan Singh Grover. Photographers were also present outside the venue of this party. In these photos going viral on social media, Bipasha is seen wearing heels. Some internet users are not liking Bipasha wearing heels in this way and this is the reason why fans are trolling Bipasha Basu a lot. He says that the actress is being careless about the child.

Here are some videos of Alia Bhatt and Bipasha

Not only Bipasha, Alia Bhatt was also trolled for this reason. Alia Bhatt was seen wearing heels during the promotion of Brahmastra. Seeing this video of her, a fan writes that ‘why do they all wear heels during pregnancy. Alia wears it too. This is quite strange’. So another fan writes that ‘how do these people wear hills in pregnancy, don’t the doctors refuse. Look at their faces, how uncomfortable they look. They should refrain from doing all this for the sake of the child.

Alia Bhatt and Bipasha are going to become mothers for the first time

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Let me tell you, Alia Bhatt and Bipasa Basu Going to become a mother for the first time. Both are very protective about their child. But due to being a public figure, his life is always in front of the people. However, what is the effect of this trolling of fans on her and whether she gives any answer on this, it will be interesting to see.