Aliens are hidden in the galaxy itself! Scientists find stars where alien life is flourishing

In the search for life beyond Earth, man stepped on the moon and landed a rover on Mars. However, so far no concrete evidence of life has been found on any planet other than Earth. But now it seems that the day is not far when we will find life on other planets. In fact, scientists have discovered a rich store of large organic molecules around the young stars of our Milkyway.

According to a research led by the University of Leeds, these organic molecules led to the beginning of life on Earth. They are 100 times more abundant than what was thought about their presence. Co-principal investigator Dr Katherine Walsh, from the University of Leeds, said the material necessary for life on our planet is also found around other stars. It is possible that all the necessary molecules to start life are readily present in the planet-forming environment.

These organic molecules are found throughout space

There are about 400 billion stars in the galaxy. There is also a planet orbiting each star. In addition, millions of planets are in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’, where water exists as a liquid. The lead author of this research, Dr. John Illy, said that these large complex organic molecules are found in different environments throughout space. Regarding the molecules that scientists have discovered, Dr. Ily said, “Laboratory and theoretical studies show that they are essential as ‘raw materials’ for biological chemistry on Earth.”

They were detected by the light emanating around the stars

Biologists believe that the first life on Earth was based on RNA, a nucleic acid similar to DNA. Dr Ily said that there are many environments where we have detected these complex organic molecules, they are far away from the place where we believe that planets are formed. We want to understand more about where and how many of these molecules were actually present in the birthplaces of the planets. Actually, these results are based on the analysis of the light emitted around new stars.

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