Aliens Spaceship is hiding in our solar system & watching us said pentagon office harvard draft

A Harvard scientist and a Pentagon official have given shocking information. He has said in his research that a giant spacecraft of aliens may exist around our solar system. It can be engaged in the exploration of the planets of the solar system, for which small missions from spacecraft are being sent to our solar system. Aliens is such a topic, which has forced scientists and people around the world to think for years. Is there anyone else in this universe other than humans? Is life possible outside the earth? This question is still relevant today. The presence of giant spacecraft of aliens has further strengthened this question.

Astronomer Avi Loeb of Harvard University and Sean M. Kirkpatrick, an AARO official at the Pentagon, combined their information in a paper. draft Have done Both believe that an extraterrestrial or alien spaceship Galaxy Maybe in. It is collecting information about the planets by sending small spacecraft. Just like humans are sending missions to planets outside the earth.

The full form of AARO is All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office. It was established by the US Department of Defense in July last year. The purpose of AARO is to detect and study cases related to UFO, UAP or aliens. The same department has prepared a draft on Physical Constraints on Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, which is yet to be reviewed. Although this is not the official document of the Pentagon.

Astronomer Avi Loeb has been researching matters related to aliens for the past several years. In the year 2017, he detected a cigar shaped thing. It was a comet, but it lacked the size and elements of a comet. After which Avi Loeb speculated that it was an alien spacecraft. After this, Avi Loeb started working on the possibility that an artificial interstellar object could be an alien spacecraft.

Aliens spacecraft can also reach the earth

According to Live Science, Avi Loeb and Pentagon officials estimate that even smaller spacecraft than giant spaceships of aliens can reach Earth. They can come to our planet by hiding in the glare of the Sun, due to which they will not even be able to be caught by telescopes. Both authors believe that aliens may want to explore the planets of our solar system. If he succeeds in finding water, then Earth could be his favorite planet.


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