All IPL players will return to their families: BCCI

The thrill of IPL had reached its peak. That Corona also caught him. In almost all the teams, someone has caught a player from the corona virus. After this, a dilemma arose in the administration of all the players and the league. For now, the BCCI had to postpone the IPL. after which BCCI (BCCI) has said that all the players and staff will now go back.

All IPL players will return home

After the postponement of the IPL, the BCCI says that now that the players have no work, then it is right for all of them to return to their families and loved ones. Now, whether they are Indian players or foreign players, arrangements will be made for them to return safely to their families. But with this, everyone will also be tested and after returning home, they will also have to remain quarantine for the safety of their relatives.

Players from three teams got positive


In the IPL, all the teams have been kept in the bio bubble, but no one can stop this virus spreading from the air. When and to whom this virus engulfs, nothing can be said. Meanwhile, players of three IPL teams were found to be corona infected.

Two players of Kolkata Knight Riders first, then Chennai super kings Three members of and today a player from Sunrisers Hyderabad has been found positive. The match is being stopped every day. In view of such a dire situation, it was considered right to cancel the IPL for some time.

BCCI Vice President Rajiv Shukla gave information

raajeev shukla

After pressure from the government and the public, when players of almost all the teams started getting infected with the corona one by one. Then the BCCI considered it good to postpone the IPL. Now BCCI Vice President Rajiv Shukla Has himself given information about this-

“The IPL has been suspended for some time. We have spoken to the teams, sponsors and everyone involved. Considering all the circumstances of the country, a decision has been taken to postpone the IPL. For us, the health of the players is paramount and the BCCI will protect them first. We will soon decide together and when and how we can conclude it. ”

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