Alopi Verma Passes Away: ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’ fame actor Alopi Verma passed away, was very famous in the world of theater

Alopi Verma passed away

The name of Alopi Verma was very famous in the world of Hindi theater. He directed some memorable plays. Apart from being a director, he was also a successful actor.


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TV9 Hindi , Edited By: Sonali Naik

Apr 11, 2022 | 3:57 pm

‘Discovery of India,Bharat Ki KhojFame actor and famous director Alopi Verma (Alopi Verma) passed away today on April 11, 2022. This actor, famous in the world of theater, breathed his last this morning. She was featured in the episodes of the famous show Bharat Ki Khoj as Parishad and Roopchand (Roopchand), which was very popular in the early 90s. Apart from this, Alopi Verma had also successfully directed a number of plays in his career.

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