Alphabet is behind the kidnapping, rape and murder of 3 girls, the murderer used to commit crime because of English letters, know about this mysterious story

Three girls were murdered in America.

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US Crime News: According to this crime story of America, three girls were first abducted. Then she was raped and in the end she was murdered.

America (United StatesIncluding ), there are incidents of some such crime around the world, which startle people. One is surprised to know the stories behind them. One such story is from America. three girls murdered in america ,Murder) Hui. But its mystery was not solved for a long time. Now in these cases the letters of English (Alphabet)connection has been revealed. An author has made such a claim in his book.

According to this crime story of America, three girls were first kidnapped. Then she was raped and finally she was murdered. The age of all these three girls was between 10 and 11 years. His murder was called Alphabet Murder. Because the author claims that English letters are the main reason behind his murder. It is a mystery which he claims to have solved.

CC, WW and MM puzzles

One of the three girls with whom these incidents happened was named Carmen Colon, ie CC. The other girl’s name was Wanda Valkovich, i.e. W.W. The name of the third girl was Michelle Manza, ie MM. Now let us tell you why English letters are the main reason behind these murders. The bodies of all the three girls were also thrown at the places where the letters beginning with their names. As the first’s name was CC in short, his body was dumped in Churchville. The other’s name was WW, then his body was thrown in Wester. While the name of the third was MM, his body was thrown in Mesdon.

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The author claimed to solve the mystery

These murders are one of the most mysterious murders in American history. now the sun From author and criminologist Christopher Berry has claimed that he has solved this case. He claims that he is 100 percent sure that Kenneth Biasi is allegedly behind these murders. He has said that there is no doubt that he has a hand in this case.

According to the information, the age of the first girl CC was 10 years. She was kidnapped in 1972 when she was in a parking lot. His body was found two days later. His autopsy report confirmed rape and assault. A year later, in 1973, another girl went to buy goods for WW’s mother, when she disappeared. His body was recovered the next day. She was also raped. The third girl had gone missing while returning home from MM School. She was also raped and then murdered.