amazing! US warship surrounded by 100 UFOs! Know what is the whole matter

UFOs are Unidentified Flying Objects. The US administration itself has spoken about them. But till date it is not known who is behind the UFO? Do aliens from the third world operate these? Scientists are looking for answers to many such questions. Meanwhile, shocking information has come to the fore. A Navy team has reportedly told a documentary filmmaker that US warships were surrounded by a swarm of “at least 100” UFOs in 2019.

by Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell It is reported that in July 2019, the crew of ships who witnessed a mysterious incident off the coast of Southern California told them about it.

However, Scott Bray, Deputy Director of Naval Intelligence, said during an ongoing UFO hearing last month that his branch was convinced that the objects involved in the incident were drones.

But Jeremy Corbell has said that I don’t care whether they were ‘drones’, real UFOs or pyramids, triangles or seagulls with lights on their wings. He said that only the basic question needs to be answered whether we know about the controllers of those units.

Carbel said that we do not yet know what that thing was, but his presence and ability reflect a matter of serious national security. He also shared the video of the incident with the warship. It has also been verified by the Pentagon. The video went viral on social media last year. Last November, the Pentagon also announced plans to launch its new office to track and assess UFOs sighted at military training airspace.

This office will work with all other departments to identify the UFO. In a recent report, America’s UAP Task Force has said that there have been 144 face-offs between the US Army and UFOs. The report does not rule out the existence of an alien connection.



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