Amazon owner Jeff Bezos wants to remain immortal, invests money on anti-aging technology

Hardly anyone is happy to see themselves getting old and this is the reason why some companies are engaged in many types of research about it. But do you know that Jeff Bezos, the owner of the e-commerce company Amazon, has also invested his money in such research. A company named Unity Biotechnology is doing research on eliminating the exaggeration and the owner of Amazon has allegedly invested money on this research. The company is working on reverse aging, in which the diseases that come in the human body with old age will be eliminated.

Business Insider’s Report It is said that Jeff Bezos has invested his money in the research of Unity Biotechnology, so that the company can soon develop such technology, so that the deaths due to diseases in old age can be stopped. As we mentioned, this process is called reverse aging. The Amazon owner currently owns a net worth of $200 billion. Bezos’ interest in the Unity Biotechnology start-up shows that Bezos hopes that people can become immortal through reverse aging.

Unity Biotechnology recently announced through a press conference that it is working on reverse aging technology. After the announcement, the company also established Altos Lab. Not only Bezos, but many big industrialists have invested in this start up, including Russian millionaire Yuri Milner and his wife Julia.

Apart from the e-commerce company, Jeff Bezos runs many other big businesses. The company also works on space technology. Bezos has also started aerospace company Blue Origin, whose goal is to take people to space through special passenger rockets. Recently, Bezos did the first successful 10-minute tour to mark the success of the project.<!–


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