Amazon’s Alexa will fly to space, will be part of NASA’s Moon mission

NASA’s Moon mission ‘Artemis 1’ is going to make another history. Amazon and Lockheed Martin Company have announced plans to send Alexa to space in this NASA mission. Alexa is a popular voice assistant. The ‘Artemis 1’ mission is going to be special in many ways. The famous character ‘Snoopy’ from the comic strip, ‘Peanuts’ will also be a part of this mission. The Artemis program aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by the end of this decade.

Information According to this, Alexa will be used in NASA’s Orion spacecraft. It will be able to answer questions related to the mission by accessing realtime telemetry data. For example- ‘Alexa, how fast is Orion traveling?’ This voice assistant will answer such questions. Not only this, Alexa will complete all the tasks inside the spacecraft. From the cabin lighting, it will also control the other connected devices and will complete the tasks related to them on request. Using NASA’s Deep Space Network, Alexa can get all kinds of information from Earth.

‘Artemis 1’ will be an unmanned mission. Alexa, which is going to be a part of it, has been developed in collaboration with Lockheed Martin and Cisco. Scientists will not only benefit from being a part of Alexa’s Artemis 1 mission. Users of devices that support Alexa will also be able to access mission-related information.

Last month, NASA extended the scheduled launch of Artemis 1 by a month. The space agency had aimed to launch the mission on February 12, 2022, but problems with the Integrated Testing Program forced NASA to delay the schedule. NASA is now looking at launching missions in March and April. The Artemis program aims to return astronauts to the lunar surface by the end of this decade.

The mission was delayed because NASA engineers discovered a problem with one of the engine’s flight controllers. Engineers tried their best to fix the problem, but eventually it was decided to replace the engine controller. NASA has said that it is exploring the possibility of launching this mission in March and April. Along with this, work is also going on to replace the engine controller.



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