Ambani’s business is increasing quadruple day and night, salt, plane and car are left in competition with Tata

The business of Reliance Industries, the company of India’s richest person and billionaire industrialist Mukesh Ambani, is continuously increasing day and night. The way the company is spreading its foot in every sector, it is possible that in the coming days it will start giving competition to the Tata Group. Let’s have a look…

It is possible that in the coming days it will start giving competition to Tata Group.

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Tata Group is one of those business houses in India which is involved in business of almost every sector. Airlines, luxury hotels, steel and power generation are the sectors in which he has been a pioneer. But now Reliance Industries is doing the work of challenging this kingship of Tata Group. Somewhere the effort of Mukesh Ambani is seen to make Reliance the second Tata in the country.

Mukesh Ambani, who was away from the title of being the richest person in the country for a long time, has once again achieved this status. At the same time, due to the way Reliance Industries has grown in the last few years, it has now become the country’s largest refinery, retail and telecom company. Now the company’s major focus is on consumer brands.

Reliance’s big bet in FMCG sector

In the FMCG sector of the country, Tata Group has its own brand related to salt, tea, spices and pulses. At the same time, Reliance Industries has also made a big bet in this sector. A company named Reliance Consumer Brands has set up many new brands, while it has also acquired many old popular brands.

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Reliance’s buying of Campa Cola is the biggest step in this. In addition the company good life It is already in the spices sector under the brand name, so recently it has independence Introducing a new brand named. The company will do business of flour, pulses, rice and other food items under this brand name.

Although the Reliance Group still has Tata Salt, Tata Tea And Tata Sampann Not as independent brand. At the same time, the company has not made any offer in the salt sector, while Tata Salt is the largest company in this segment.

Reliance’s strong presence in retail

If Reliance gives the biggest challenge to Tata in any one sector, then it is the retail sector. At present, Reliance Retail is the largest organized retail company in the country. It has 15,196 retail stores in more than 7,000 urban areas of the country.

In this sector, the company has big brands like Trends, Trends Footwear, Reliance Jewels, Hamleys, Smart Bazaar, Reliance Digital, Smart Point, Centro and Reliance Fresh.

Although Tata Group is also not behind in this matter. Tata Group also owns consumer brands such as Titan, Titan Eye Plus, Tanishq, Westside, Judeo, Utsa, Croma and Voltas Beko.

Tata is Sardar in Aviation and Car

Apart from giving the first airlines to the country, the Tata group has also given the first SUV, the first MUV and the first completely indigenous car to India. This is one segment where Tata Group still dominates Reliance. After the return of Air India, Tata has again become the leader of aviation. At the same time, Tata Motors is the country’s largest company in the electric car segment, which is going to become the second largest car company overall very soon.

On the other hand, Reliance Industries is one of the largest refinery companies in the world. Also it has monopoly in polyester and petrochemical. But still the company is neither in the aviation sector nor in the business of manufacturing cars. Although Reliance has created monopoly in the telecom sector. Now his focus is on new energy business in the coming days.