Amber Heard cried and told her ordeal, Johnny Depp was facing serious allegations; sexually assaulted with a bottle of liquor

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On Thursday, Heard offered a different account of the incident, which Depp told some time ago that he had hurt his finger during a quarrel. In such a situation, Amber said that Amber was arguing with Depp on his alcohol addiction. During this, Depp asked him to stay away from the bottle.

Amber Heard (Amber HeardThere are new revelations in the dispute between Johnny Depp and Johnny Depp. Now Amber Heard has told how Johnny Depp has treated her in the past. on Thursday ex husband johnny depp ,Johnny DeppGiving her testimony against ), the actress told that Johnny Depp also used to sexually harass her. Amber surprised everyone by saying (AMBER HEARD’S SHOCKING REVELATIONS) that Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her even with a bottle (Johnny Depp sexually assaulted Amber Heard) has done. During this, the actress also told that after doing this she was threatened that she would spoil her face with a broken bottle.

Amber’s revelations shocked Depp, serious allegations

According to reports, Amber Heard was crying while telling this incident in March 2015. On the second day of Testimony, the actress made this known to the public. Depp told at the hearing that Heard used to get very aggressive during arguments, during which she threw a bottle of wine and even bled her finger with blood. But now on Thursday, Heard presented a different account of the incident. He said that Amber was arguing with Depp over his alcohol addiction. During this, Depp asked him to stay away from the bottle. Amber said- ‘I snatched the bottle and broke it by dropping it on the ground. After this he suddenly got angry. Amber said that Depp threw another bottle at me but I survived. The actress told that ‘Deep no soda cans, throw beer cans one after the other.’

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Amber became weak, she cried about her ordeal

Amber became weak during this and started crying. Then he told that Depp had even torn his nightgown. After this, he sexually assaulted the actress with a bottle. Amber said, ‘Johnny had put the bottle inside me.’ During this time he was continuously threatening to kill me. Heard told that somehow he freed himself from Depp’s clutches that day. The actress further told that when she came out of her room the next morning, she saw that Depp had drawn blood from his finger and wrote various absurd messages on the walls of the house. The actress also said that she does not know how Depp’s finger was cut.