Ambulance made school bus for health of country in Corona, stage of Dance Deewane 3 saluted driver Neelam Singh

In today’s ‘Hope Special’ episode on the stage of Colors TV (Colors Tv) reality show Dance Deewane 3, many Corona Warriors and their works were saluted. In the presence of Sonu Sood, many such people were praised on this stage of dance reality show and one of these warriors was Nalini Singh from Mumbai. Who is serving the people without any selfishness by becoming an ambulance driver. For his work, Sonu Sood along with Bharti Singh, Harsh Limbachiya and the entire team of Dance Deewane saluted him.

Nilam Singh, a driver who usually drives a school bus on the streets of Mumbai, has been driving an ambulance in Mumbai for the past several months. Due to the increasing cases of Kovid-19, when BMC called upon many schools to convert their buses into ambulances, then their country needs to meet this objection, seeing that Nalini Singh made her school bus an ambulance and she herself Became an ambulance driver. Neelam, who took the children to school, brought many patients to the hospital with their ambulance and saved their lives.


The job is in danger, still does not accept defeat

Neelam Singh’s own job in the service of the people by becoming a Corona Warrior of his own free will is also in danger, but still he has not given up. Let me tell you, he and his family had become corona infected while serving the merges. But even then she kept moving forward. Neelam says that many people encouraged her in this journey, due to which she continued her work. And some people who used to scare them, Neelam ignored them.

Sonu Sood saluted these heroes

Sonu Sood said to Nalini Singh, “These are heroes, nothing can be said to them.” It can only be learned from them. If there is emotion in a human being, then he can also learn to live others. Many people like Nalini Singh are not only teaching people to live with this same spirit, but in their own way, they are trying every possible way to make the world around them once again sensual and make them live again.

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