America: Cowardly act of Pakistani family, got 12 years wages from a woman of her own country, tied hands and feet and threw her from the stairs

Pakistani-origin family forced the woman into labor

Image Credit source: Pexels

Pakistani Family Forced Labor: A family of Pakistan origin living in America has done a very cowardly act. He has physically and mentally tortured a woman of his own country.

A US federal jury on Friday Pakistani origin (Pakistani Family in US) of an American family in the case of forced labor from a Pakistani woman for 12 years. A federal jury found the family members Zahida Aman, Mohd Noman Choudhury and Mohd Rehan Choudhary guilty of torturing the victim physically and mentally for more than 12 years. The convicts in the case will be jailed for five to 20 years (Forced Labor in US) may face punishment. According to a press release, ‘The victim was slapped, kicked and pushed by the Pakistani-American family.

According to the press release, ‘He was even beaten up with a wooden board. On one occasion, the woman was dragged down the stairs with her hands and feet tied. The family alleged that even after the victim’s husband left, he not only kept her in his home in Virginia, but also forced her to do extremely hard work. According to the allegation, the family used to have the woman cut the grass spread over one acre of land, get the two-storey house painted inside and out and get the soil removed from the carpet lying in the car with tweezers.

took advantage of woman’s trust

The family is also accused of getting the woman to build a concrete walkway in front of their house, for which the victim had to carry 80 pounds of cement bags. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clark said, “The defendants took advantage of the victim’s trust and subjected her to cruel and inhuman physical and mental torture to get her to work as a domestic help.”

“Forced labor has no place in our country or district in modern times,” said Jessica D’Eber, US Attorney for the Eastern District of Virginia. We will leave no stone unturned to prosecute the perpetrators of such crimes. This decision will prove helpful in the prevention of heinous labor trafficking crimes.