America: Has told the Indian government that it is very important to pursue climate goals, said John Kerry

US President Joe Biden’s special envoy for climate, John Kerry, said on Tuesday that he has told the Indian government that it is “urgent” to pursue climate-related ambitions. At the same time, he has expressed confidence that India will make some announcements during the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) in Glasgow, UK. This conference will run from 31 October to 12 November. Carey said that if India succeeds in achieving the target of 450 GW of renewable energy by 2030, it will prove to be a major contribution to the efforts of a developing country to “sustain the rise in world temperature at 1.5 °C”.

He said, “I personally request that the government should think about making a clear declaration of Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC).” Kerry is on a three-day visit to India for talks to tackle the climate crisis. When Kerry was asked by the media whether he had asked the Indian government to pursue its climate ambitions, Kerry said, “I told him it was urgent. We have to do this. People have not told me clearly no or yes. I haven’t met anyone who has said it’s a useless idea and we’re not going to do that.”

The US President’s Special Envoy for Climate Affairs said, “It is the prerogative of the Prime Minister. There is a need for internal consultations in India to take this decision. I am sure India is going to announce something or the other while going to COP26 and that too in a way that you may not have heard from many other countries till now.”

Didn’t spend much time discussing ‘Net Zero’: Kerry

Kerry said the two sides didn’t spend much time discussing “net zero” and focused on things that needed to be done urgently. He said, “If you do not work well by the year 2030, then you cannot achieve the goal of net zero. We really focused on the concept of NDC and considered what steps could be taken to achieve the target of 450 GW of renewable energy.” The “Net Zero” target means balancing the amount of greenhouse gases emitted into the environment by removing them in equal amounts. Kerry said that India is already ahead of many countries in achieving the goal of renewable energy.

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