America opened another front in enmity with China, trade war now took the form of tech war

Geopolitical tension is going on between both China and America. Because of which many American companies are leaving China and coming to India. Now America wants that the interference of Chinese companies should be less than America.

About 5 years ago, there was a Trump government in the US, then the trade war with China started. At that time, both the countries were imposing tax on each other’s goods to create pressure. At present, there is no Trump government, but the war with China is not over. It has now turned into a tech war. The reason for this is none other than Tiktok. Yes, this is the same Tiktok, which was banned by the Modi government in India and Tiktok suffered a lot. After all, is there a tech war between the US and China? Let us also tell you…

It is not hidden from anyone that geo-political tension is going on between the two countries. Because of which many American companies are leaving China and coming to India. Now America wants that the interference of Chinese companies should be less than America, due to which Chinese companies especially Chinese tech companies will have to face intense scrutiny and this war is not going to end soon.

Chinese companies came under scrutiny

Lindsay Gorman, senior fellow for Emerging Techniques at the German Marshall Fund’s Alliance for Securing Democracy, said Chinese companies have been subjected to hundreds of investigations because of their ties to the Chinese Communist Party. On Thursday last week, TikTok CEO Shou Zi Chew was questioned by lawmakers for five hours on the app’s ability to operate independently from Chinese parent company ByteDance. The short video app is facing a possible ban in the US as the data of American users could end up in the hands of the Chinese government.

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Chinese government will not allow Tiktok to be sold in America

Chew said that China-based employees in ByteDance could have access to American data from Tiktok. Talking to CNBC, Gorman said that I think it is important to look at the broader context of the Chinese Communist Party’s efforts to interfere with Democratic Institutions to suppress free speech and democracy. China had said it would oppose the forced sale of TikTok by its parent company ByteDance, hours before Chu testified before the US Congress.

battle of dominance

Both the countries are competing for control over the sub-sea cable, the backbone of the Internet. More than 99 percent of global communications are transmitted over fiber optic cables. Most of which are under water. Huawei and China Telecom have built undersea cable networks around the world. According to Gorman, due to fundamental internet infra, America and China are facing each other for tech dominance. CNBC Gorman said whoever builds Infa and gains dominance in the industries we’re building for today and the future — whether it’s artificial intelligence, sub-sea cables, or quantum information systems, those world Are going to become future leaders.

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America has passed the Undersea Cable Control Act

According to Gorman, that is why you see that both its sides are working hard to make their respective technology superior. According to a Reuters report, the US, concerned about China, has allegedly tried to stop several Chinese projects to build underwater cable networks from 2020. Recently, the US Congress has passed the Undersea Cable Control Act.

This act will prevent countries like China from receiving American made goods and technology which are used in the development and support of undersea cables. The Foreign Ministry of China has opposed the act passed by the US Congress. Ministry spokesperson Mao Ning said that the concept of national security is being exaggerated to discourage foreign companies. Misusing state power to disturb the rules and order of the normal market.

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American companies have deep ties with China

Apple chief Tim Cook visited China over the weekend after a Congressional hearing on TikTok on Thursday, according to local media reports, where the CEO praised China’s growth and long-standing relationship with the iPhone maker. Gorman said that such statements and the relationship of American companies with China show how the US and Chinese technological ecosystems are and will remain intertwined.