America told China a ‘growing challenge’, said – its aggressive behavior can lead to a crisis in the Indo-Pacific region

US on China’s Aggressive Behavior: US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has described China as a growing challenge and told US lawmakers that Beijing’s “aggressive behavior” could lead to a crisis in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region. could. Responding to questions from members of the Senate Armed Services Committee during a congressional hearing on the Pentagon’s annual budget, he insisted that there should be a direct line of communication between the armies and government officials of the two countries.

Austin said on Thursday, ‘Given China’s aggressive behavior in the Indo-Pacific, I suspect that something may happen that causes a crisis there. We want to have the ability to talk to our allies and partners and enemies or potential enemies (China May Spike Crisis in Indo Pacific Region). That’s why I think there should be a direct line of communication between the army but also government officials.

US-China relations are competitive

Austin said that America’s relationship with China is currently competitive. “They want to be the most influential country on the planet,” he said. That is their long-term goal. They want to compete with us in many activities including army. Everything we do, whether in the military or other areas of government, is so that we can remain financially competitive, produce the world’s best scientists, and conduct the most detailed research. It is a competition of wide-ranging activities.

China requested America

China has urged the US not to treat it as an “imaginary enemy”. A senior Chinese foreign ministry official said in Beijing this week that China (Indo Pacific Strategy to Contain China) seeks to develop an undisputed, non-competitive, mutually respectful and beneficial relationship with the US, although with At the same time, it will also firmly defend its sovereignty, security and development interests.

China claims the South China Sea as its own

It is noteworthy that China claims almost the entire South China Sea of ​​10.3 million square miles as its sovereign territory. Although US Navy ships often pass through this disputed area, through which the US insists on freedom of navigation in the area (Free and Open Indo-Pacific China). On Wednesday, Austin issued instructions to the Defense Department asking it to better deal with the security challenges posed by China, which has become the biggest challenge to America. These instructions were given on the basis of the final recommendations of the China Task Force of the department.

Serious threat before America – King

During the hearing, Senator Angus King said that the most serious threat facing America today is an accidental conflict with China, which risks escalating tensions. He described China as a growing challenge for America and said, ‘It bothers me that we do not have an effective hotline with China. I understand that China is not ready for this but I believe it should be a national security priority. General Mark Meale, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that from the point of view of the military, China is the biggest threat to America, while Russia is a big competitive power.

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