America: Uproar over death of Chinese expatriate in New York, attacked from behind and slammed to the ground

Yao Pan Ma Update: Chinese expat Yao Pan Ma has died in New York, USA. He was attacked by a black man. Now there will be an investigation under the murder in this case.

The death of a Chinese expatriate in the US (Photo – Twitter)

Yao Pan Ma Death in New York: A Chinese expatriate who was attacked while collecting cans in East Harlem, US in April last year, has died and is now being treated as a case of murder. New York City Police gave this information. Police said Yao Pan Ma (61) died on December 31. The attack caught the nation’s attention in the wake of a rise in anti-Asian hate crimes in New York and across the country. Jarrod Powell, 49, of New York City was previously charged with attempted murder, felony and hate crimes in the case, which is under investigation.

A family representative said the charges against Powell should now be escalated. “We are now contacting the district attorney’s office to escalate the murder charges,” said Carlin Chan, a community activist in New York City and a spokesman for Ma’s family. We are fighting for justice (Yao Pan Ma Update). He needs to be punished for what Powell did. Prosecutors say Powell attacked Ma from behind, slammed him to the ground and repeatedly kicked him in the head.

never regained consciousness after the attack

In the surveillance video released by the police, one of the attackers is seen hitting Ma on the head. Chan said Ma never regained consciousness after the attack and that his condition worsened over time. Chan said that Ma’s wife was badly broken by this incident (Yao Pan Ma Death News). Ma came here from China in October 2018 and was a chef. After coming to America, Ma got a job in a Chinese restaurant. But due to the lockdown due to the epidemic, he lost his job and due to being able to work for less than the prescribed time in America, he could not even get unemployment allowance.

mother and wife collecting bottles

After which Ma and his wife used to collect bottles to make a living. Chan told that he did not have money in the name of savings. He told that the couple has two children who are still in China. Chan said the couple’s Chinatown home was destroyed in a fire in December 2019 before the pandemic. After which he came to America with his relative.

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