American aerospace company SpaceX created history, for the first time 4 common people were sent to space, know who are the crew members

A new era in space has begun. Elon Musk’s American aerospace company SpaceX has sent 4 ordinary people into space for the first time, these 4 tourists will remain in the orbit of the Earth at 575 km above for 3 days. According to the information received there, to see this mission, that is, the entire command of the mission is in the hands of Jared Isaacman.

Isaacman, a 38-year-old aerospace traveler, is the founder and CEO of a payments company called Shift4Payments. Isaacman’s own story is also quite interesting. In fact, he started the company at the age of 16, and with each passing year, his company continued to grow. Today he is a billionaire. Isaacman is a professional pilot and trains the Air Force in the US through his pilot training company.

The name of the second person who got a chance to go to space as a tourist is Hayley Arcano. Haylie is 29 years old and a cancer survivor. At the same time, with this trip, Hayley Wealey is the youngest American citizen to go into space. According to the information received, Hayley once had bone cancer and was treated at St. Jude Hospital in Tennessee. In this mission, Hayley’s responsibility is to handle the responsibility of the Medical Officer.

At the same time, the name of the third is Sean Proctor. Sean is 51 years old and is a professor of geology at a college in Procter Arizona. Proctor’s father worked with NASA during the Apollo missions. She herself has participated in NASA’s space program many times. And the name of the fourth to be known is Chris Sambrowski. Chris, 42, has been a US Air Force pilot and has also served in the Iraq War. Chris is currently working with aerospace and defense manufacturer Lockheed Martin.

Traveling at an altitude of 357 miles

It is known that this journey is traveling at an altitude of 357 miles (575 kilometers) above the surface of the Earth. The rocket was launched from NASA’s Kennedy Space Research Center in Florida. This incident has become a cause of curiosity for people interested in space travel around the world. This mission is expected to usher in a new era of human spaceflight for the common people rather than just government-sponsored astronauts. In 2009, scientists went to an altitude of 541 km to repair the Hubble telescope.

This is the first time since the year 2009 that a human being is at such a height. SpaceX’s Dragon capsule separated from the second stage of the Falcon 9 rocket 12 minutes after liftoff, after which the aerospace company informed that the civilian crew had been successfully launched into orbit.

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