American Navy ship reached India for repairing, for the first time ‘Vulti Ganga’ has been written

The American Navy ship reached the Chennai coast on Sunday for repairs. Which was welcomed by the top officials of India and America.

This is the first time that a US Navy ship has reached India for repair.

Image Credit source: US Navy/ Twitter

In the field of advanced technology and machinery, other European countries including America have topped India. Because of this, India has been dependent on Western countries for its needs related to other machinery including its defense equipment. Usually, India has been doing repairing of these tools and machines in western countries. But, this time ‘Ganga vomit’ is seen flowing. This time american navy ship India has reached for repairing. According to the Defense Ministry of India, this is the first time that an American ship has reached India for repair. All this has happened because of the growing strategic agreement between India and America.

American ship will be repaired in Chennai

The name of the American Navy ship that reached India for repair is Charles Drew. Who reached Chennai on Sunday. According to the report of news agency ANI, the American Navy has given the contract of repairing the ship to L&T. Who will repair this ship at the shipyard located at Kattapalli, Chennai.

India’s market will get a new identity with this repair

The opportunity of repairing American ships has brought new opportunities for India. According to the ministry, experts are of the opinion that with the repair of American ships, India’s shipyard repair market will be promoted globally. This will also increase employment opportunities in the country. It is believed that the Indian shipyard repair market can be cheap and accessible to countries around the world.

Top officials of India and America welcomed the ship

The American Navy ship reached the Chennai coast on Sunday for repairs. Which was welcomed by the top officials of India and America. During this, Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar, Vice Chief of Naval Staff Vice Admiral SN Ghormade, Flag Officer Tamil Nadu, Admiral S Venkata Raman, officers of the US Embassy as well as other officials of the Ministry of Defense reached the Chennai coast and welcomed the American Navy ship. did.

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On this occasion, Defense Secretary Ajay Kumar said that we are really happy to welcome the ship of the American Navy. He also called it a new chapter in the strategic relationship between America and India. Kumar said that at present there are 6 large shipyards in India, whose annual turnover is 2 billion US dollars. He said that we do not prepare ships only for us. We have our own design house, which is capable of manufacturing all types of ships. On this occasion, he gave the example of Vikrant joining the Indian Navy fleet.