Anand Mahindra Shares Flotee Anti Drowning T-Shirt for Kids Demo Video Impressed With Innovation Watch

Anand Mahindra often shares funny and informative posts on social media. His posts are often about technology and innovation and the latest post is also related to the same. He has shared a video on Twitter, which shows a unique T-shirt designed for children, which can save children from fatal injuries or drowning under water.

In a video shared by Anand Mahindra on Twitter, a man is talking about a unique T-shirt that inflates under water and can protect children from head injuries. Mahindra wrote in the caption, “It may not win the Nobel Prize, but it is worth more than those inventions for me, because as a grandfather of two young children, their well-being and safety is my top priority.”

In the video, a man dresses a small child-sized mannequin in a T-shirt and throws it swiftly into a small pool of water. Air fills the mannequin’s T-shirt and it floats up. This unique t-shirt has been developed by a French company named Floaty.

Floatee’s According, the t-shirt protects children from drowning and most importantly from injuries caused by falling into the pool and hitting the surface. The company says that hand bands or swimming vests also prevent drowning, which cannot be used outside the water and at the same time they prove to be useless if they fall headlong underwater, but Floaty’s T- The shirt can be worn in casual environments and also inflates when dropped in the pool, protecting children from injury or drowning.

The video has been viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter so far. This unique T-shirt by Floaty is priced at 149 Euros (Rs 13,000 approximately).<!–


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