Anand Mahindra viral Twitter post 1960s black and white TV set users funny reactions mahendra singh dhoni more details

India’s well-known businessman Anand Mahindra remains very active on social media, especially Twitter. His tweets remain the subject of discussion of the users on the coming days. Talking about the latest viral tweet, this time Anand Mahindra has shared such a post which touched the hearts of the people. Things related to the old days of life often take us back to the past and remind us of the sweet and sour days. One such era was of black and white television, which Anand Mahindra brought back to the memory of the users. How? Let us tell you.

Anand Mahindra This tweet takes us back to the era of 40-50 years when black and white TV was there. The TV set was also made in a wooden box. There used to be a thick button for the channel as well which had to be rotated by hand. While sharing this tweet, Mahindra kept his thoughts in the caption as well. He wrote above the photo, ‘My parents used to have a TV like this. I remember this because I used to be the remote. You can also see this post-

Anand Mahindra Has also written a very touching thing with the post. He wrote, ‘Great! I wish the remote had never been invented. Then we would all be a few pounds lighter and fitter. This post of Anand Mahindra is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

This post of Anand Mahindra’s black and white TV set has been viewed more than 12 lakh times so far. It has also been liked by more than 33 thousand people. While it has been retweeted more than 2 thousand times. Users have made very funny comments on this. A user named Dinesh Joshi wrote, ‘How can we forget those days. When the TV got damaged in the middle, he had to be beaten hard.

While posting a photo of an old time tape recorder, another user wrote, ‘My parents used to have such a music player. I remember, because I had to work as a cassette winder.
One user even wrote, ‘Heard that Mahendra Singh Dhoni still uses this type of TV set, because his wrists are strong enough to make helicopter shots.’

Apart from this, many interesting comments have been made by the users on the post. Anand Mahindra’s tweets are often dominated by users in this way. <!–