Andrew Symonds Death: Andrew Symonds’s last Instagram post sad, wrote – ‘All like a nightmare’

Andrew Symmonds

Image Credit source: Twitter

The last post of Andrew Symonds put on Instagram is also about three months old. His post is also related to a big incident and is like a nightmare.

great australia cricketers Andrew Symonds (Andrew Symmonds) Everyone is hurt by his death. The news of his death has shocked everyone. Symonds died in a car accident at the age of just 46. Andrew Symonds has been one of the biggest all-rounders in cricket. During his cricket career, he has also been in discussion about his controversies. His cricket-related comments also used to make headlines. But in the midst of all this, Symonds did not appear as active on social media. His last post on Instagram is about three months old. His post is also related to a big incident and is like a nightmare.

Not only world cricket but the whole world is in mourning due to the sudden demise of Symonds. The incident happened on Saturday night. It is being told that the accident happened in the car of Andrew Symonds 50 km from his hometown of Townsville. He was alone in the car at the time of the accident.

Last Instagram post on Warne’s death

No one thought about the death of Andrew Symonds. Just like it was becoming difficult for anyone to believe about Shane Warne. Symonds did his last Instagram post on the death of Shane Warne. Posting a picture of himself with Warne, he wrote – Everything looks like a nightmare. I am speechless.

World cricket mourns the death of Symonds

There is a wave of mourning not only in Australia but in world cricket due to the death of Andrew Symonds. Adam Gilchrist, who played with Symonds, called it sad news. So Harbhajan Singh, with whom his name rose in a big controversy like Monkeygate, has also condoled the death of Symonds. On the other hand, former Pakistan cricketer Shoaib Akhtar also expressed grief while describing his relationship with him.