Andrew Symonds Death: Yuzvendra Chahal’s ‘Symo Uncle’ is no more, this story of deep relationship will fill the heart!

Yuzvendra Chahal had a deep connection with Andrew Symonds

Image Credit source: AFP

Andrew Symonds died in a road accident. This sudden incident has shaken everyone. The story of Symonds’ deep connection with Chahal is years old.

India and Australia on the cricket field (India vs Australia) Whatever the relationship between the players of the two countries may have been, but the strings of some relations have been made between the players of these two countries, which will probably last forever. Yuzvendra Chahal was one of those relationships and Andrew Symonds (Andrew Symmonds) connection between. Chahal named Symonds ‘Symo Uncle’, who is no longer in this world. At the age of 46, Chahal’s ‘Symo Uncle’ died in a road accident. This sudden incident has shocked the whole world, obviously Yuzvendra Chahal (Yuzvendra Chahal) Would have made him cry too. Now you must be thinking that how these strings of Chahal’s heart connected with Symonds? So this story is years old. And not only did Andrew Symonds like Chahal, but his wife also loves him equally.