Anjali Arora trolled again after fake MMS, user said – 10 second Z grade actor ..

Anjali Arora recently came into the limelight due to fake MMS. Now once again this popular celebrity of social media has been targeted by trollers.

Anjali Arora trolled again

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MMS leaks are not a big deal in the entertainment world. Recently, an MMS of Anjali Arora, who traveled from the world of Tik Tok to TV, was leaked. Anjali some time ago Kangana Ranaut She was seen in the show Lockup. Where the pair of him and Munavvar was highly praised. Although initially Anjali was silent on this issue till now on the matter of MMS. There was no statement from his side in this regard. When we asked, he refused to talk about it. However, now the trollers have targeted Anjali for a new video.

Recently, during the promotion of her song, Anjali had cut the cake with the media and during this time, this tick-talk star had also jokingly said that ‘Siya ki nazar le le’. Anjali was seen taking her own eyes off in this video. Then what was the social media users fiercely imposed his class. Someone called him a shop of overacting. So someone trolled him by saying ’10 second Z grade actor’.

Watch Anjali Arora’s video here

Recently appealed to fans

However, seeing Anjali’s laughter, it has been found that this has not affected her. She knows how to be happy by staying away from negative comments. Let us tell you, initially Anjali had neither confirmed nor denied about this MMS going viral. But recently he has reacted to this and said that “I don’t know why people are trying to defame me, I also have a family, I also have respect.”

Anjali Arora can be seen in Bigg Boss 16

Dancing on the song Kacha Badam Anjali Arora The video of it became very viral on social media. After this video went viral, this social media influencer became a celebrity overnight. This video got him a lot of fame. It is being said that Anjali Arora’s Bigg Boss 16 has been offered.

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