Ankr (ANKR) gets support from Binance Labs, price jumps 60% in one hour

Ankr’s name has immediately come into the limelight in the world of Blockchain infrastructure. Ankr is a decentralized blockchain infrastructure provider that recently got support from Binance Labs. The Ankr (ANKR) token has jumped up to 60% in price since its association with Binance Labs. Ankr will receive a strategic investment from Binance Labs. As the news spread through the industry, the price of the Anchor token exploded. With Binance Labs coming together, Ankr is said to attract more and more people to the crypto space.

Binance Labs is the world’s largest crypto One of the exchanges. Ankr’s involvement in the creation of BNB Chain (ex-BSC) and BNB Liquid staking solution is also cited as one of the reasons why Anchor got the support of Binance Labs. The press release stated that Ankr’s work was not only completed cryptocurrency Not only will it improve the performance of the ecosystem, but also optimize the blockchain data storage and increase its performance by up to 100 percent.

Within an hour of news of a strategic investment from Binance Labs, the ANKR price surged 60% to reach $0.052 per token. With the increase in the price, the capitalization of the project increased by Rs 17 crore. It is currently priced at Rs 52.6 crore. It is difficult to tell the price cap of the token as it has not yet been disclosed how much Binance Labs has invested in it.

Ankr has now joined the projects that Binance Labs has a hand in. Earlier in the summer, Binance Labs raised an investment fund of $ 500 million with the help of the world’s biggest investors. The only purpose of raising this fund was to invest in projects like Ankr so that cryptocurrency To increase the use of more and more people and more and more people can come with Web3 and Blockchain technology.



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