Another egg found inside dinosaur egg for the first time, discovered in India

Dinosaurs have been destroyed from our earth for a long time. Despite this, the searches related to them are going on and many times they surprise. Now the study team of Delhi University has discovered dinosaur eggs during their field trip in Madhya Pradesh. The special thing is that inside this egg also they have found an egg. These eggs were found in the Dinosaur Fossils National Park in the Dhar area of ​​MP. It is claimed that such a discovery has happened for the first time in the world.

One published in the journal Scientific Reports Study According to the report, this discovery is ‘unique and important’. Till date no egg has been discovered inside an egg in any reptile. It may also shed light on whether the reproductive biology of dinosaurs was similar to that of turtles, lizards, crocodiles, or birds. Significantly, dinosaur fossils have been found in the Upper Cretaceous Lamata Formation, which extends for 5,000 km in western and central India.

It is being said that the egg found is of Titanosaurid dinosaur. Their size was about 50 feet. They lived in the Southern Hemisphere during the Cretaceous Period. Scientists have not been able to discover much about these dinosaurs so far. It is said that the dinosaurs of this group were the largest creatures ever to live on earth.

Scientists found a total of 10 eggs in their research. Egg is found inside one of these eggs. Of these, the diameter of the larger egg is 16.6 cm, while the diameter of the smaller egg is 14.7 cm. Scientists say that this egg will help in understanding the reproduction of dinosaurs.

Such eggs have never been discovered in India before. This means that dinosaur fossils in central and western India can yield a lot of information. Especially regarding their reproduction. Scientists still believe that the reproduction of dinosaurs was similar to that of reptiles, but they do not have an egg inside the egg. It is also likely that dinosaur breeding may have changed over time. However, this is a subject of long research, in which more information is expected to be found in the coming time.



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