Another galaxy inside our galaxy? This picture surprised even the scientists

Our universe full of mysteries brings some new dimensions everyday. Now astronomers have spotted an object in the center of our galaxy. It appears to be a small spiral shaped galaxy. But it is more likely that it is a star. It is said that this star is located at a distance of about 26,000 light-years from Earth in the dust-filled Galactic Center. This star is about 32 times larger than the Sun and sits there inside a giant disk of rotating gas.

of live science Report According to the U.S., this disk is known as the ‘Protostellar Disk’. It has been told in the report that such discs are widely spread in the universe. These act as fuel for the stars and help young stars to become a big and bright sun over millions of years. But astronomers have never seen anything like a tiny galaxy orbiting dangerously at the center of our galaxy.

The question arises that how did this small circular shape come about and are there more such. According to a new study published in Nature Astronomy, this answer may come from mysterious objects that are present in the orbit of a spiral disk three times larger than our Sun. Scientists tried to find the answer with the help of HD images taken with the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) telescope in Chile. They found that the disk did not appear to move in a way that would give it a natural spiral shape. It is probably forming its shape after a collision with someone. It could possibly be the same object that is visible near it.

To test this theory, researchers estimated a dozen possible orbits for this strange object. A simulation was also done to see if any of them would have taken it near the protostellar disk, so that it could be spiral shaped.

Scientists found that if that object had not done so, then this small galaxy probably would have overtaken the disk 12,000 years ago. Scientists believe that the core of our galaxy may be filled with tiny spirals that are yet to be seen.



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