Anti NEET Bill: What is Anti NEET Bill? If this is approved then there will be no medical entrance exam, then how will admission in MBBS-BDS

CM MK Stalin sends Anti NEET Bill to Union Home Ministry to abolish medical entrance exam in Tamil Nadu (symbolic image)

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Know Everything about Anti-NEET Bill: Anti-NEET Bill has been sent to the Union Home Ministry for the approval of the President. It has been passed in Tamil Nadu Assembly. Know in this article what is the anti-neet bill? Why is Tamil Nadu against NEET? How to get admission in medical without it?

Tamil Nadu Anti NEET Bill: The ruckus has started again these days regarding the medical UG entrance exam NEET. The Tamil Nadu government is making every effort to cancel the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET). Now Anti-Neet Bill in Tamil Nadu Assembly (Anti NEET Bill) has been passed and it has been sent to the Union Home Ministry for the approval of the President. If the President approves this bill, then the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu will be cancelled. Here NEET exam for admission in MBBS, BDS and other medical UG courses (NEET) will not need to be given. Two big questions arise on this whole issue. First – Why is Tamil Nadu against NEET exam? Second – If NEET exam is cancelled, then how will admissions be taken in medical courses here? Read detailed information about this in this article.

What is Anti-NEET Bill? What is Anti NEET Bill?

The full name of this bill opposing the NEET exam in Tamil Nadu is – Permanent Exemption Bill for NEET in Tamil Nadu. The Tamil Nadu government says that this bill has been prepared keeping in mind the interests of medical aspirants in the state. Know some special things of this bill-

  • The bill exempts Tamil Nadu students from appearing for NEET for admission to medical UG degree courses such as MBBS (Indian Medicine), BDS (Dentistry), AYUSH, Homeopathy, etc. That is, they can get admission in Medical UG without giving NEET exam.
    • The bill recommends granting medical admission to students on the basis of qualifying examination, ie Class 12 marks, instead of NEET exam. For this, it has been recommended to adopt the normalization method.

What is the Objective of Anti NEET Bill?

What is the purpose of Anti NEET Bill? The state government says that the purpose of this bill is –

  • To provide equal opportunities to all sections of the students. Bringing about social justice. To protect students from all kinds of communities and regions from discrimination.
  • To connect the students coming from sensitive and remote rural areas with the mainstream of medical and dental education. So that a strong public health care system can be created in the entire state, especially in rural areas.
  • The Tamil Nadu government says that it is opposing the NEET exam because “students from all sections of the society are not able to participate in MBBS and higher medical education through this exam”. Due to this examination, the students of rich and affluent class are moving ahead in medical, but the students of deprived class are being left behind.
  • It has also been written in the preamble of the Anti-NEET Bill that ‘NEET exam for medical admission is not fair and just’. It favors the rich and upper class of the society.

‘Healthcare system of Tamil Nadu may come to a standstill due to NEET!’

The Preamble of the Anti-NEET Bill states, “The high level committee studying this exam has come to the conclusion that if the NEET exam continues for a few more years, the healthcare system of Tamil Nadu will be badly affected.” There may be a shortage of doctors for hospitals and primary health centers in the state. Poor students of rural and urban areas will also not be able to do medical courses.

What is the NEET Problem in Tamil Nadu?

Why is there protest against NEET exam in Tamil Nadu? Why did the state need the Anti NEET Bill? Tamil Nadu CM MK Stalin and his government have been against NEET for medical admission since its inception. But when the bill was introduced in the assembly on Monday, the DMK as well as the main opposition AIADMK and PMK supported it. However, BJP remained against it and took a walkout.

CM Stalin says that the level of NEET exam is national. The main language of the exam is English and most of the coaching classes are conducted in English for its preparation. Due to this it is difficult for most of the students of Tamil Nadu to adopt it. Especially those who study in government schools. Or those students who are good in studies but unable to pay the fees of high level coaching of NEET. Due to this reason even the meritorious children are not able to crack this National Level Medical Entrance Exam. The health system of the entire state is suffering along with the children.

The matter of the Anti-NEET Bill caught fire when a 19-year-old student of a village in Tamil Nadu committed suicide in September last year, a few hours before the NEET Exam 2021. Then the state’s opposition party AIADMK had blamed the ruling party DMK for the death of that student. Whereas CM Stalin had targeted the central government for being adamant against the bill that abolished the NEET exam.