Anu Kapoor said about Arundhati Roy – she betrayed the country many times

Bollywood actor Anu Kapoor has made a big allegation on Arundhati Roy. He has said that Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy has betrayed the country many times.

Anu Kapoor has been in an acting career for four decades. But you may be surprised to know that becoming an actor was never his dream. His maternal grandfather, grandfather and uncle were revolutionaries during the freedom struggle. He also wanted to serve the country. He wanted to become an IAS. He had 93% marks in 12th, but his family’s financial condition was not good, due to which he could not become IAS. Anu Kapoor He had to join his father’s theater company so that he could support his family.

In an interview to ‘Hindustan Times’, he said that his dream of becoming an IAS officer could not be fulfilled, but he took his acting job very seriously. However, going into politics was not in his mind. He says that he is not fit for politics. He doesn’t have the talent to be a leader.

In the interview, he talked about Booker Prize winning writer Arundhati Roy and accused her of betraying India. He says that I am taking the name of that woman Arundhati Roy, with her honor, she has betrayed the country many times.

Talking about the OTT platform and acting, he said that those who are sitting at the top in OTT, they come from the world of advertising. They want to show everything in a minute. In the ad world, you have to sell those things which are not of quality. You try to sell a false world. Even cinema is on this path. In cinema you ask an actor to portray a character to be unreal, but that character has to be made real.

Crash Course releasing on 5th August

His Crash Course series is releasing on Prime on 5th August. The series is directed by Vijay Maurya and written by Manish Hariprasad. Many new actors will be seen debuting in the series. Anu Kapoor has worked in many films including Betaab, Mr India, Tezaab, Ram Lakhan, Chaalbaaz, Ghayal, Darr, Udaan, Kachche Dhaage, Arjun Pandit, Jolly LLB 2.

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