Anupama 3rd May 2021 Update: Vanraj-Anupam’s divorce will not happen, Kavya will be red with anger

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus’s famous serial Anupama, we will see that Vanraj will decide not to divorce his wife Anupama. After hearing this decision of Vanraj, Kavya (Kavya) will turn red from anger and in anger she will tell Dr. Adwait the truth of the broken relationship between Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) and Anupam (Rupali Ganguly). . Vanraj will be very upset with this act of Kavya (Madalasa Sharma). Vanraj would call Kavya a good man in front of Doctor Advaita and the Shah family.

Seeing the spectacle of Vanraj and Kavya happening in front of everyone, Advaita will try to stop them both. First of all, he will tell Kavya to keep quiet and tell him that he should not lose control over himself in this way, otherwise his health may also get worse. Along with Kavya, he will also advise Vanraj that this is not the right time to choose Kavya or any one of Anupam.

Battle of Kavya and Vanraj

Despite Advaita’s call, Vanraj will call his lawyer and ask him to dismiss the action of his divers with Anupama. After hearing the conversation between Vanraj and the lawyer, Kavya will fight again with him a lot. Kavya will tell Vanraj that Vanraj no longer loves her at all. Therefore, neither Vanraj told her anything about Samar and Nandini’s engagement nor informed about cancellation of divorce.

Anupam took this decision

When Anupaman comes to know about this decision of Vanraj, she will tell Vanraj that even though he has stopped the diversion, but as soon as his sons Samar and Nandini get married, they start divorce once again. Will give and tell this decision to the people of the house, at the moment, they will not allow any happiness on anyone. It will be interesting to see whether the broken relationship between Vanraj and Anupama will deepen or both will separate until Samar and Nandini’s wedding.

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