Anupamaa 10 June Written Update: Even after marrying Vanraj, Kavya is upset, will Anupama’s family members ever agree to daughter-in-law?

All kinds of ups and downs are being seen in Anupamaa serial these days. First Amupama Vanraj’s divorce, then Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage and finally Anupama’s surgery. One twist after another is entertaining the fans. Now the post-marriage form of Kavya is being seen in the show. While Anupama is now starting a new life alone, Vanraj is starting life by marrying Kavya.

Seeing in the show that Anupama has now come back after getting her operation done, all the family members are engaged in her defense. On the other hand, Kavya gives a surprise to her husband Vanraj, he decorates the whole room and apologizes to Vanraj for his actions. After this Kavya and Vanraj spend romantic moments.

On the other hand, Sweety makes Shrikhand for the first time for her mother, then all the family members give her gifts. The moments when Vanraj is living with Kavya, from all the music, his attention goes towards Anupama. Because all the family members are partying with Anupama, then Vanraj also reaches there.

Anupama’s teachings to children

Whereas on the other hand Bapu ji divided the house into three parts, out of which he gives one part to Anupama. At the same time, Kavya Vanraj leaves for home together. While Anupama goes by car with her children. On the way, Sweety says that staying in Kavya’s house will lead to fight everyday. On this Anupama explains that the fight is between two people. A single person can only be angry. That is, she forbids children from fighting poetry.


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Explosion is going to happen in the show

At the same time, the blast is going to be seen in the coming episodes. It will be seen in the show that when Kavya reaches Vanraj’s house for the first time after marriage, Baa stands up with aarti’s plate, she is very happy on this but Baa says that she will do Aarti for Anupama first. Then Bapu ji says that Annapurna, Laxmi are all Anupama of this house and take her hand and take her home. That is, it is clear that in the coming episodes, there is going to be a big bang in the show.

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