Anupamaa 8 June Written Update: Anupama came home after being discharged from the hospital, Vanraj is angry with Kavya

In the June 8 episode of Anupamaa – Anupama is out of danger, Vanraj and Samar talk to the doctor about getting Anupama discharged home. On the other hand, the whole family is busy in preparations to welcome Anupama, seeing all this, Rakhi tries to make Kavya angry that preparations for your welcome were not done in this way, but Kavya does not get angry. Kavya says that I am the daughter-in-law of this house and will not let anyone live comfortably, only then Nandini listens to her words and tells Kavya when I come to get married in this house, I will do the same to you.

On the other hand in the hospital, Samar tells Vanraj that why are you coming here. With what right are you worrying about my mother, you go to your wife. On this Vanraj says that when you were not born, Samar, since then I and your mother have a relationship, so I will always worry about her whether there is a relationship or not.

Vanraj comes back and sits beside Bapuji, there Bapuji explains to him that now his responsibility is on Kavya’s side too, so pay attention to that. Vanraj remains silent there and says in his heart that I will not forgive Kavya so soon because she has not done well with my family.

Here Anupama also regains consciousness and doctors advise Anupama to take more care of herself now. Samar says that whatever happened happened, now I will take great care of my mother.

Now Anupama is discharged and comes back home, the whole family stands outside to welcome her, when Rakhi provokes Kavya, but still there is no special effect on Kavya, then suddenly Anupama falls due to the wheel chair stumbling. Only then Vanraj, standing near Kavya, escapes and saves Anupama from falling from the wheelchair.

Now in tomorrow’s episode you will see that Kavya talks about going on her honeymoon in front of all the family members, which enrages Vanraj.

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